Tradewinds cashes in with Interfuse and turned a $72,000 media investment into $1,076,000 in hotel room bookings.


Tradewinds Resorts, a luxury, beach property on St. Pete Beach, Florida, moved to consolidate their digital media buying in-house in an effort to reduce costs and increase visibility into consumer behavior and online booking trends. Tradewinds chose Interfuse and our online banner and retargeting capabilities for their 2014 campaigns.


In 2014, the Interfuse digital media team crafted a custom online display ad channel specifically targeting Tradewinds’ identified audience segments and unique drive/fly markets. The channel includes behavioral and demographically targeted family, beach vacation, and travel oriented sites as well as segmented retargeting impressions.


In the first seven months of their 2014 marketing campaign, Tradewinds has invested $72,000, and has earned:

  • 18,634 clicks
  • 1,175 total bookings ($61 cost per booking)
  • An average booking value of $916
  • $1,076,572 in booked revenue (13.9:1 ROI; 1,495% ROAS)